During the 2016 Setouchi Triennale, two of Oscar’s works will be on view at Ogijima and Shodoshima. Both works are large-scale installations that allow the audience to walk into the art.

Site #2 Shodoshima: Oiwa Island 2 . An air dome with a radius of approximately six meters, looking much like a spaceship, has been installed in a former soy sauce storehouse. A painting of a door on the side of the dome turns out to be the actual door through which visitors can enter the dome. The dome interior depicts the Setouchi landscape, unfolding in a 360 degree panorama.


Site #2 小豆島.





We suggest print this map before your site visit shodomap.jpg

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Tencent/Wechat (Shanghai) , Artnet, (German) , Yatzer, (Athens) , Kaiakwen (China) , Justapoz (San Francisco) , Il Sole (Milano) , Spoon&Tamago (Tokyo/New York) ,

Booooom, (Vancouver) , Journal du Design (France) , Kaiakween (Taiwan) , My Modern Met , La boite verte (France) , Designboom ,

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