Collaboration work with The Conversation Project Band


Over the years I have had many bands, and all of them unique. This band is a dream team. Each member brings a unique experience and knowledge of music, especially the rhythm section. Zach and Gail both played with David Bowie and added significantly to the sound of David's Band. Always ask the drummer whom he likes as a bass player. If you're lucky you get the two.

The creative options are endless and a little ESP goes a long way. After I lost my best friend and writing partner, guitarist Ronny Drayton, there was only one person I could think of to choose; guitarist Eddie Martinez.

And that is The Conversation Project Band.

I thought of a lot of rappers during the early stage of development for my single, On A Different Day; Busta Rhymes, Chuck D, and several others. But it was Dark-i who gave the song a unique identity vocally. I was introduced to Kiki Hawkins through Ronny Drayton, and after his death we began to talk about working together. Kiki is a supreme vocalist and then there is SheidA, my daughter.

SheidA is a multi-tiered music producer and a singer-songwriter, who has leaped into the forefront of Tokyo's new generation music scene. Born and raised in a diverse cultural environment such as L.A., N.Y. (Brooklyn) and Tokyo. SheidA prolifically brings together the blend of diverse artistic languages into a unique musical landscape. She has collaborated with Rappers Miyachi and producers such as Taku Takahashi (m-flo).  

Oscar Deric Brown, Summer 2022.

On A Different Day
clip coming soon!

Direction + Art: Oscar Oiwa

Cinematographer: Jon Bewley

Producer: Kyoko Sato

Fashion designer: Geova



Band member

deric.jpg Oscar Deric Brown

gail.jpg Gail Ann Dorsey

edie.jpg Eddie Martinez

dark.jpg Dark-i

monami.jpg SheidA

kiki.jpg Ki Ki Hawkins


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